Display a date input widget.
Function signature

st.date_input(label, value=None, min_value=None, max_value=None, key=None, help=None)


label (str)

A short label explaining to the user what this date input is for.

value (datetime.date or datetime.datetime or list/tuple of datetime.date or datetime.datetime or None)

The value of this widget when it first renders. If a list/tuple with 0 to 2 date/datetime values is provided, the datepicker will allow users to provide a range. Defaults to today as a single-date picker.

min_value (datetime.date or datetime.datetime)

The minimum selectable date. Defaults to today-10y.

max_value (datetime.date or datetime.datetime)

The maximum selectable date. Defaults to today+10y.

key (str)

An optional string to use as the unique key for the widget. If this is omitted, a key will be generated for the widget based on its content. Multiple widgets of the same type may not share the same key.

help (str)

A tooltip that gets displayed next to the input.

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