Display a file uploader widget.

By default, uploaded files are limited to 200MB. You can configure this using the server.maxUploadSize config option.

Function signature

st.file_uploader(label, type=None, accept_multiple_files=False, key=None, help=None)


label (str)

A short label explaining to the user what this file uploader is for.

type (str or list of str or None)

Array of allowed extensions. ['png', 'jpg'] The default is None, which means all extensions are allowed.

accept_multiple_files (bool)

If True, allows the user to upload multiple files at the same time, in which case the return value will be a list of files. Default: False

key (str)

An optional string to use as the unique key for the widget. If this is omitted, a key will be generated for the widget based on its content. Multiple widgets of the same type may not share the same key.

help (str)

A tooltip that gets displayed next to the file uploader.

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