Streamlit's Fair Billing Policy

Streamlit makes it easy to build and share apps with your team, and if you're not using the platform we don't want you paying! Feel free to add as many developers as you want and if they stop using, you won't pay. You only get billed for developers who are active. We rectify this on a monthly basis, to make sure that you're getting what you pay for.

  • When you purchase a paid plan, the upgrade applies to your entire workspace and you’ll be billed for all active members.
  • Any changes to the number of active, paid developers in your workspace will be reflected in your monthly billing statement.
  • If all developers become inactive, you'll be billed for a minimum of one developer, unless you decide to downgrade to the free version of the Streamlit cloud platform.

On paid plans, you’re billed for the developers that are actively using in your workspace. All viewers of your app are free — so share your apps with as many people as you want.


  • Developers


  • Viewers

If you’re on a paid plan and add new developers partway through the billing period, we’ll only charge you for the time they were active during the month. So if you join 50% of the way through the month, then that developer seat will only be billed at 50% for the month.

If a developer has not logged into the dashboard in 30 days, we will consider them inactive and you will not be charged for them and they will be removed from billing. If they become active again, then they will be billed in the next billing month.

If a developer is removed from the account, we will prorate the amount billed for that developer for the monthly bill.

You'll see the first credit card charge from Streamlit on the day you purchase a paid plan. Here are some other times you'll see charges:

  • On your monthly renewal date if you pay monthly.
  • On your annual renewal date if you pay annually.
  • On the last day of the month if you pay annually and there’s an outstanding balance for adding new members.

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