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Okta SAML is just one of the authenticators supported by Streamlit for Teams. We have already released documentation for Microsoft ADFS, Azure AD, and generic SAML.

Enabling Single Sign-On via Okta allows members of your organization to securely sign in to Streamlit using the same email address and password they already use for Okta.

  • Your developers can use Okta to log into Streamlit and access their app dashboard.
  • Your developers can also give access to app viewers through their Okta logins.
  • Viewers added to a private app can use Okta to authenticate their identity.
  • These viewers must be added to the app's viewer list by their Okta-associated email address.

There are three steps your team will need to complete to create an Okta SSO connection:

  1. Please complete this form.

    To complete steps 2 and 3, you will need an ACS URL and Identity Provider URI (Entity ID), which Streamlit will provide by emailing you a private Google Drive link. Please complete this form to provide us with your email address and some basic information about your organization.

  2. Provide Streamlit with a Token Signature (X.509 Certificate).



The Token Signature is a certificate used to securely sign tokens issued by Okta.

  1. Provide Streamlit with an Identity Provider SSO URL.



The IdP SSO URL provides Streamlit with a login endpoint to redirect your organization's users from our login page to your Okta login page.

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