Sanity checks

If you’re having problems running your Streamlit app, here are a few “obvious” things to try out.

Check #1: Is Streamlit running?

On a Mac or Linux machine, just type this on the terminal:

$ ps -Al | grep streamlit

If you don’t see streamlit run in the output (or streamlit hello, if that’s the command you ran) then the Streamlit server is actually not running for some reason. So just run it and see if the bug goes away.

Check #2: Is this an already-fixed Streamlit bug?

We try to fix bugs quickly, so many times a problem will go away when you upgrade Streamlit. So the first thing to try when having an issue is upgrading to the latest version of Streamlit:

$ pip install --upgrade streamlit
$ streamlit version

…and then verify that the version number printed is 0.67.0.

Try reproducing the issue now. If not fixed, keep reading on.

Check #3: Are you running the correct Streamlit binary?

Let’s check whether your Python environment is set up correctly. Edit the Streamlit script where you’re experiencing your issue, comment everything out, and add these lines instead:

import streamlit as st

…then call streamlit run on your script and make sure it says the same version as above. If not the same version, check out these instructions for some sure-fire ways to set up your environment.

Check #4: Is your browser caching your app too aggressively?

There are two easy ways to check this:

  1. Load your app in a browser then press Ctrl-Shift-R or ⌘-Shift-R to do a hard refresh (Chrome/Firefox).

  2. As a test, run Streamlit on another port. This way the browser starts the page with a brand new cache. For that, just pass the --server.port argument to Streamlit on the command line:

    $ streamlit run --server.port=9876

Check #5: Is this a Streamlit regression?

If you’ve upgraded to the latest version of Streamlit and things aren’t working, you can downgrade at any time using this command:

$ pip install --upgrade streamlit==0.50

…where 0.50 is the version you’d like to downgrade to. See Changelog for a complete list of Streamlit versions.