Development concepts

This section gives you background on how different parts of Streamlit work.

Streamlit's architecture and execution model

Streamlit's execution model makes it easy to turn your scripts into beautiful, interactive web apps.

  • Understand how to run your app.
  • Understand Streamlit's execution and client-server model.
  • Understand the primary tools to work with Streamlit reruns.
Multipage apps

Streamlit provides an automated way to build multipage apps through directory structure.

  • Learn how to structure and configure your multipage app.
App design considerations

Bring together Streamlit's architecture and execution model to design your app. Work with Streamlit commands to render dynamic and interactic content for your users.

  • Learn how to make your apps performant and easy-to-manage.
  • Learn how to structure and design your project.
Connections and secrets
  • Learn how to manage connections and secrets with Streamlit's convenient, built-in features.
Creating custom components

Custom components extend Streamlit's functionality.

  • Learn how to build your own custom component.
  • Learn how install a third-party component.
Configuration and theming

Streamlit provides a variety options to customize and configure your app.

  • Learn how to work with configuration options, including server settings, client settings, and theming.
App testing

Streamlit app testing enables developers to build and run automated tests. Bring your favorite test automation software and enjoy simple syntax to simulate user input and inspect rendered output.


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