Managing secrets when deploying your app

If you are connecting to data sources or external services, you will likely be handling secret information like credentials or keys. Secret information should be stored and transmitted in a secure manner. When you deploy your app, ensure that you understand your platform's features and mechanisms for handling secrets so you can follow best practice.

Avoid saving secrets directly in your code and keep .gitignore updated to prevent accidentally committing a local secret to your repository. For helpful reminders, see Security reminders.

If you are using Streamlit Community Cloud, Secrets management allows you save environment variables and store secrets outside of your code. If you are using another platform designed for Streamlit, check if they have a built-in mechanism for working with secrets. In some cases, they may even support st.secrets or securely uploading your secrets.toml file.

For information about using st.connection with environment variables, see Global secrets, managing multiple apps and multiple data stores.


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