How to install a package not on PyPI/Conda but available on GitHub

Are you trying to deploy your app to Streamlit Community Cloud, but don't know how to specify a Python dependency in your requirements file that is available on a public GitHub repo but not any package index like PyPI or Conda? If so, continue reading to find out how!

Let's suppose you want to install SomePackage and its Python dependencies from GitHub, a hosting service for the popular version control system (VCS) Git. And suppose SomePackage is found at the the following URL:

pip (via requirements.txt) supports installing from GitHub. This support requires a working executable to be available (for Git). It is used through a URL prefix: git+.

To install SomePackage, innclude the following in your requirements.txt file:


You can even specify a "git ref" such as branch name, a commit hash or a tag name, as shown in the examples below.

Install SomePackage by specifying a branch name such as main, master, develop, etc, in requirements.txt:


Install SomePackage by specifying a commit hash in requirements.txt:


Install SomePackage by specifying a tag in requirements.txt:


It is currently not possible to install private packages from private GitHub repos using the URI form:


where version is a tag, a branch, or a commit. And token is a personal access token with read only permissions. Streamlit Community Cloud only supports installing public packages from public GitHub repos.


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