How can I deploy multiple Streamlit apps on different subdomains?

You want to deploy multiple Streamlit apps on different subdomains.

Like running your Streamlit app on more common ports such as 80, subdomains are handled by a web server like Apache or Nginx:

  • Set up a web server on a machine with a public IP address, then use a DNS server to point all desired subdomains to your webserver's IP address

  • Configure your web server to route requests for each subdomain to the different ports that your Streamlit apps are running on

For example, let’s say you had two Streamlit apps called Calvin and Hobbes. App Calvin is running on port 8501. You set up app Hobbes to run on port 8502. Your webserver would then be set up to "listen" for requests on subdomains and, and route requests to port 8501 and 8502, respectively.

Check out these two tutorials for Apache2 and Nginx that deal with setting up a webserver to redirect subdomains to different ports:


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