How do I increase the upload limit of st.file_uploader on Streamlit Community Cloud?

By default, files uploaded using st.file_uploader() are limited to 200MB. You can configure this using the server.maxUploadSize config option.

Streamlit provides four different ways to set configuration options:

  1. In a global config file at ~/.streamlit/config.toml for macOS/Linux or %userprofile%/.streamlit/config.toml for Windows:
    [server] maxUploadSize = 200
  2. In a per-project config file at $CWD/.streamlit/config.toml, where $CWD is the folder you're running Streamlit from.
  3. Through STREAMLIT_* environment variables, such as:
  4. As flags on the command line when running streamlit run:
    streamlit run --server.maxUploadSize 200

Which of the four options should you choose for an app deployed to Streamlit Community Cloud? ๐Ÿค”

When deploying your app to Streamlit Community Cloud, you should use option 1. Namely, set the maxUploadSize config option in a global config file (.streamlit/config.toml) uploaded to your app's GitHub repo. ๐ŸŽˆ

For example, to increase the upload limit to 400MB, upload a .streamlit/config.toml file containing the following lines to your app's GitHub repo:

[server] maxUploadSize = 400

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