How do I increase the upload limit of st.file_uploader on Streamlit Community Cloud?

By default, files uploaded using st.file_uploader() are limited to 200MB. You can configure this using the server.maxUploadSize config option.

Streamlit provides four different ways to set configuration options:

  1. In a global config file at ~/.streamlit/config.toml for macOS/Linux or %userprofile%/.streamlit/config.toml for Windows:
    maxUploadSize = 200
  2. In a per-project config file at $CWD/.streamlit/config.toml, where $CWD is the folder you're running Streamlit from.
  3. Through STREAMLIT_* environment variables, such as:
  4. As flags on the command line when running streamlit run:
    streamlit run --server.maxUploadSize 200

Which of the four options should you choose for an app deployed to Streamlit Community Cloud? 🤔

When deploying your app to Streamlit Community Cloud, you should use option 1. Namely, set the maxUploadSize config option in a global config file (.streamlit/config.toml) uploaded to your app's GitHub repo. 🎈

For example, to increase the upload limit to 400MB, upload a .streamlit/config.toml file containing the following lines to your app's GitHub repo:

maxUploadSize = 400

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