Widget updating for every second input when using session state

You are using session state to store page interactions in your app. When users interact with a widget in your app (e.g., click a button), you expect your app to update its widget states and reflect the new values. However, you notice that it doesn't. Instead, users have to interact with the widget twice (e.g., click a button twice) for the app to show the correct values. What do you do now? 🤔 Let's walk through the solution in the section below.

When using session state to update widgets or values in your script, you need to use the unique key you assigned to the widget, not the variable that you assigned your widget to. In the example code block below, the unique key assigned to the slider widget is slider, and the variable the widget is assigned to is slide_val.

Let's see this in an example. Say you want a user to click a button that resets a slider.

To have the slider's value update on the button click, you need to use a callback function with the on_click parameter of st.button:

# the callback function for the button will add 1 to the # slider value up to 10 def plus_one(): if st.session_state["slider"] < 10: st.session_state.slider += 1 else: pass return # when creating the button, assign the name of your callback # function to the on_click parameter add_one = st.button("Add one to the slider", on_click=plus_one, key="add_one") # create the slider slide_val = st.slider("Pick a number", 0, 10, key="slider")

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