Deploy an app

Streamlit Cloud lets you deploy your apps in just one click, and most apps will deploy in only a few minutes. If you don't have an app ready to deploy, fork or clone one of our example apps — you can find apps for machine learning, data visualization, data exploration, A/B testing and more.

Streamlit Cloud launches apps directly from your GitHub repo, so your app code and dependencies need to be on GitHub before you try to deploy the app. See App dependencies for more information.

To deploy an app, click "New app" from the upper right corner of your workspace, then fill in your repo, branch, and file path, and click "Deploy". As a shortcut, you can also click "Paste GitHub URL".

Deploy an app

If you are connecting to a data source or want to select a Python version for your app, you can do that by clicking "Advanced settings" before you deploy the app.

Advanced settings

You can connect to private data sources either by using secrets management or with IP allowlisting. Read more on how to connect to data sources.

Your app is now deploying and you can watch while it launches. Most apps take only a couple of minutes to deploy, but if your app has a lot of dependencies it may take some time to deploy the first time. After the initial deployment, any change that does not touch your dependencies should show up immediately.

Watch app launch


The Cloud logs on the right hand side are only viewable to the developer and is how you can grab logs and debug any issues with the app. Learn more about Cloud logs.

That's it — you're done! Your app now has a permanent URL that you can share with others. Click here to read about how to share your app with viewers.

App URLs follow a standard structure based on your GitHub repo:[user name]/[repo name]/[branch name]/[app path]

For example:

If your app has name and your branch is master, your app is also given a shortened URL of the form[user name]/[repo name]. The only time you need the full URL is when you deployed multiple apps from the same repo. So you can also reach the example URL above at the short URL

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