Working with configuration options

Streamlit provides four different ways to set configuration options. This list is in reverse order of precedence, i.e. command line flags take precedence over environment variables when the same configuration option is provided multiple times.



If you change theme settings in .streamlit/config.toml while the app is running, these changes will reflect immediately. If you change non-theme settings in .streamlit/config.toml while the app is running, the server needs to be restarted for changes to be reflected in the app.

  1. In a global config file at ~/.streamlit/config.toml for macOS/Linux or %userprofile%/.streamlit/config.toml for Windows:

    [server] port = 80
  2. In a per-project config file at $CWD/.streamlit/config.toml, where $CWD is the folder you're running Streamlit from.

  3. Through STREAMLIT_* environment variables, such as:

    export STREAMLIT_SERVER_PORT=80 export STREAMLIT_SERVER_COOKIE_SECRET=dontforgottochangeme
  4. As flags on the command line when running streamlit run:

    streamlit run --server.port 80

As mentioned during the installation process, Streamlit collects usage statistics. You can find out more by reading our Privacy Notice, but the high-level summary is that although we collect telemetry data we cannot see and do not store information contained in Streamlit apps.

If you'd like to opt out of usage statistics, add the following to your config file:

[browser] gatherUsageStats = false

You can change the base colors of your app using the [theme] section of the configuration system. To learn more, see Theming.

As described in Command-line options, you can view all available configuration options using:

streamlit config show

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