Favorite your app

Streamlit Community Cloud supports a "favorite" feature that lets you quickly access your apps from your workspace. Favorited apps appear at the top of their workspace with a yellow star (star) beside them. You can favorite and unfavorite apps in any workspace to which you have access as a developer or invited viewer.

Favorite apps appear on top in Streamlit Community Cloud


Favorites are specific to your account. Other members of your workspace cannot see which apps you have favorited.

You can favorite your app:

  1. From your workspace at share.streamlit.io, click the overflow icon (more_vert) next to your app. Click "Favorite".

    Favorite your app from your workspace
  2. Your favorited app will move to the top of your list (with other favorited apps if you have them) and display with a yellow star.

    Favorited app in your workspace
  • Once favorited, from the same menu, click "Unfavorite" to remove the star.

    Unfavorite your app from your workspace

Alternatively, you can favorite and unfavorite apps by clicking directly on the star next to their names. (Hover over an unfavorited app to reveal an empty star icon next to its name.)

From your app at <your-custom-subdomain>.streamlit.app, click the star (star_border/star) in the upper-right corner to toggle your app's favorite status.

Favorite your app directly from your live app

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