Install Streamlit

There are multiple ways to set up your development environment and install Streamlit. Read below to understand these options. Developing locally with Python installed on your own computer is the most common scenario.

  1. Set up your Python development environment.
  2. Run:
    pip install streamlit
  3. Validate the installation by running our Hello app:
    streamlit hello
  4. Jump to our Basic concepts.
Option 1: I'm comfortable with the command line

Install Streamlit on your own machine using tools like venv and pip.

Option 2: I prefer a graphical interface

Install Streamlit using the Anaconda Distribution graphical user interface. This is also the best approach if you're on Windows or don't have Python set up.

Option 3: I'd rather use a cloud-based environment

Use Streamlit Community Cloud with GitHub Codespaces so you don't have to go through the trouble of installing Python and setting up an environment.

Option 4: I need something secure, controlled, and in the cloud

Use Streamlit in Snowflake to code your apps in the cloud, right alongside your data with role-based access controls.


Still have questions?

Our forums are full of helpful information and Streamlit experts.