Fork and edit a public app

Community Cloud is all about learning, sharing, and exploring the world of Streamlit. For apps with public repositories, you can quickly fork copies to your GitHub account, deploy your own version, and jump into a codespace on GitHub to start editing and exploring Streamlit code โ€” all in the cloud so you don't have to install anything.

  1. From a forkable app, in the upper-right corner, click "fork_right Fork this app."

    Click Fork this app from a public app
  2. Click "Fork!" The repository will be forked to your GitHub account. If you have already forked the repository or have another repository of the same name, the fork will fail. In this case, you can manually fork the repository on GitHub, then follow the instructions to Deploy your app and Edit your app with GitHub Codespaces.

    Click Fork to confirm
  3. Click "Create codespace" to confirm the creation of a codespace on your account. Read more about GitHub Codespaces to learn about monthly limits for free use and paid plans.

    Create a codespace on your GitHub account
  4. Wait for GitHub to set up your codespace.

    GitHub preparing your codespace
  5. GitHub will automatically execute the commands to launch your Streamlit app within your codespace. Your app will be visible in a "Simple Browser" on the right. This may take a minute to complete from when your codespace first appears on screen.

    Your new GitHub Codespace

You now have a copy the public app deployed from your account. You can edit and explore within your codespace and (if you choose) commit your changes to your deployed app to share with the world! ๐ŸŒŽ Learn more about editing your app in GitHub Codespaces, committing your edits to your repository, and shutting down your codespace in Edit your app with GitHub Codespaces.


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