Manage your GitHub connection

If you did not connect GitHub when you created your account or need to correct your GitHub authorization, this page is for you! If you just need to add an organization to your account, skip ahead to Authorizing with an organization.

If you are not fully logged in and authorized to both a primary identity (Google or email) and source control (GitHub), there will be a warning symbol in the upper-right corner of your workspace. This can mean one of three things:

Authorize your GitHub account

If you created your account without connecting GitHub or if you disconnected GitHub from your account, you can reconnect.

  1. Click "Settings" in the upper-right corner of your workspace.
  2. If you do not have GitHub connected, a warning is displayed saying, "You are not signed in with a source control account".

If instead you see "Streamlit does not have access to private repos on this GitHub account" skip to step 5. 3. Click "Sign in with GitHub".

Sign in with GitHub to connect GitHub to your Streamlit Community Cloud account
  1. Click "Authorize streamlit".
Authorize streamlit to connect to your GitHub account
  1. After completing the first authorization, your workspace settings will still have a warning, "Streamlit does not have access to private repos on this GitHub account".

  2. Click "Allow access".

Click 'Allow access' to trigger the second GitHub authorization
  1. Click "Authorize streamlit".
Authorize streamlit to access private repositories

GitHub is now connected to your account! 🥳

If you are in an organization, you can grant or request access to that organization when you connect your GitHub account. Read more about Organization access.

If your GitHub account is already connected, you can remove permissions in your GitHub settings and force Streamlit to reprompt for GitHub authorization the next time you sign into Streamlit Community Cloud.

  1. From your workspace, click on your workspace name in the upper-right corner. Click "Sign out" to sign out of Streamlit Community Cloud.
Sign out of Streamlit Community Cloud
  1. Go to your GitHub application settings at
  2. Click on the three dots to open the overflow menu for "Streamlit" and click "Revoke".
Revoke access for Streamlit to access your GitHub account
  1. Click "I understand, revoke access".
Confirm to revoke access for Streamlit to your GitHub account
  1. Return to and sign in. You will be prompted to authorize GitHub as explained in Connect GitHub.

If an organization owner has restricted Streamlit's access or restricted all OAuth applications, they may need to directly modify their permissions in GitHub. If an organization has restricted Streamlit's access, a red "X" will appear next to the organization when you are prompted to authorize with your GitHub account.

Denied authorization for Streamlit to access your GitHub account

See GitHub's documentation on OAuth apps and organizations.


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