Organizing your apps with workspaces on Streamlit Community Cloud

Streamlit Community Cloud is organized into workspaces, which automatically group your apps according to the corresponding GitHub repository's owner. If you are part of multiple repositories, then you will have multiple workspaces.

App workspaces 1

If an app's GitHub repository is owned by you, the app will appear in your personal workspace, named "<YourGitHubHandle>".

App workspaces 2

If an app's GitHub repository is owned by an organization (such as your company), the app will appear in a separate workspace, named "<GitHubOrganizationHandle>".

App workspaces 3

You will also have access to any workspaces containing app(s) for which you only have view access. These apps will have a "view-only" tooltip when you click on their respective overflow menu icons (⋮).

App workspaces 4

To switch between workspaces, click on the workspace listed in the top right corner, then select the desired workspace name.

App workspaces 5


If you have further questions about workspaces on Streamlit Community Cloud, please emails us at


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