Deprecation notice

st.experimental_get_query_params was deprecated in version 1.30.0. Use st.query_params instead.

Return the query parameters that is currently showing in the browser's URL bar.

Function signature[source]




The current query parameters as a dict. "Query parameters" are the part of the URL that comes after the first "?".


Let's say the user's web browser is at http://localhost:8501/?show_map=True&selected=asia&selected=america. Then, you can get the query parameters using the following:

import streamlit as st

{"show_map": ["True"], "selected": ["asia", "america"]}

Note that the values in the returned dict are always lists. This is because we internally use Python's urllib.parse.parse_qs(), which behaves this way. And this behavior makes sense when you consider that every item in a query string is potentially a 1-element array.


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