Display error message.

Function signature[source]

st.error(body, *, icon=None)


body (str)

The error text to display.

icon (str, None)

An optional emoji or icon to display next to the alert. If icon is None (default), no icon is displayed. If icon is a string, the following options are valid:

  • A single-character emoji. For example, you can set icon="🚨" or icon="πŸ”₯". Emoji short codes are not supported.

  • An icon from the Material Symbols library (outlined style) in the format ":material/icon_name:" where "icon_name" is the name of the icon in snake case.

    For example, icon=":material/thumb_up:" will display the Thumb Up icon. Find additional icons in the Material Symbols font library.


import streamlit as st

st.error('This is an error', icon="🚨")

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