Display an interactive Plotly chart.
Function signature

st.plotly_chart(figure_or_data, use_container_width=False, sharing='streamlit', **kwargs)


figure_or_data (plotly.graph_objs.Figure, plotly.graph_objs.Data,)

dict/list of plotly.graph_objs.Figure/Data

See https://plot.ly/python/ for examples of graph descriptions.

use_container_width (bool)

If True, set the chart width to the column width. This takes precedence over the figure's native width value.

sharing ({'streamlit', 'private', 'secret', 'public'})

Use 'streamlit' to insert the plot and all its dependencies directly in the Streamlit app using plotly's offline mode (default). Use any other sharing mode to send the chart to Plotly chart studio, which requires an account. See https://plotly.com/chart-studio/ for more information.

**kwargs (null)

Any argument accepted by Plotly's plot() function.

To show Plotly charts in Streamlit, call `st.plotly_chart` (null)

No description

wherever you would call Plotly's `py.plot` or `py.iplot`. (null)

No description

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