Display a chart using the Vega-Lite library.
Function signature

st.vega_lite_chart(data=None, spec=None, use_container_width=False, **kwargs)


data (pandas.DataFrame, pandas.Styler, pyarrow.Table, numpy.ndarray, Iterable, dict, or None)

Either the data to be plotted or a Vega-Lite spec containing the data (which more closely follows the Vega-Lite API). Pyarrow tables are not supported by Streamlit's legacy DataFrame serialization (i.e. with config.dataFrameSerialization = "legacy"). To use pyarrow tables, please enable pyarrow by changing the config setting, config.dataFrameSerialization = "arrow".

spec (dict or None)

The Vega-Lite spec for the chart. If the spec was already passed in the previous argument, this must be set to None. See https://vega.github.io/vega-lite/docs/ for more info.

use_container_width (bool)

If True, set the chart width to the column width. This takes precedence over Vega-Lite's native width value.

**kwargs (any)

Same as spec, but as keywords.


import pandas as pd
import numpy as np

df = pd.DataFrame(
    np.random.randn(200, 3),
    columns=['a', 'b', 'c'])

st.vega_lite_chart(df, {
    'mark': {'type': 'circle', 'tooltip': True},
    'encoding': {
        'x': {'field': 'a', 'type': 'quantitative'},
        'y': {'field': 'b', 'type': 'quantitative'},
        'size': {'field': 'c', 'type': 'quantitative'},
        'color': {'field': 'c', 'type': 'quantitative'},
(view standalone Streamlit app)

Examples of Vega-Lite usage without Streamlit can be found at https://vega.github.io/vega-lite/examples/. Most of those can be easily translated to the syntax shown above.

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