st.query_params provides a dictionary-like interface to access query parameters in your app's URL and is available as of Streamlit 1.30.0. It behaves similarly to st.session_state with the notable exception that keys may be repeated in an app's URL. Handling of repeated keys requires special consideration as explained below. st.query_params can be used with both key and attribute notation. For example, st.query_params.my_key and st.query_params["my_key"].

Query parameters can be entered into your app's URL or programatically added through st.query_params. For example, the following URL and dictionary show the same key-value pairs:
{ "first_key" : "1", "second_key" : "two", "third_key" : "true" }

A key-value pair prefixed with ? is added to the end of your app's URL. Additional key-value pairs can be added. Each additional pair is prefixed with & instead of ?. All keys and values will be set and returned as strings. Query parameters are cleared when navigating between pages in a multipage app.

When a key is repeated in your app's URL (?a=1&a=2&a=3), dict-like methods will return only the last value. In this example, st.query_params["a"] returns "3". To get all keys as a list, use the .get_all() method shown below. To set the value of a repeated key, assign the values as a list. For example, st.query_params.a = ["1", "2", "3"] produces the repeated key given at the beginning of this paragraph.

st.query_params can't get or set embedding settings as described in Embed your app. st.query_params.embed and st.query_params.embed_options will raise an AttributeError or StreamlitAPIException when trying to get or set their values, respectively.

Get a list of all query parameter values associated to a given key.

When a key is repeated as a query parameter within the URL, this method allows all values to be obtained. In contrast, dict-like methods only retrieve the last value when a key is repeated in the URL.

Function signature[source]



key (str)

The label of the query parameter in the URL.



A list of values associated to the given key. May return zero, one, or multiple values.

Clear all query parameters from the URL of the app.

Function signature[source]




No description

Get all query parameters as a dictionary.

This method primarily exists for internal use and is not needed for most cases. st.query_params returns an object that inherits from dict by default.

When a key is repeated as a query parameter within the URL, this method will return only the last value of each unique key.

Function signature[source]




A dictionary of the current query paramters in the app's URL.


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