secrets.toml is an optional file you can define for your working directory or global development environment. When secrets.toml is defined both globally and in your working directory, Streamlit combines the secrets and gives precendence to the working-directory secrets. For more information, see Secrets management.

To define your secrets locally or per-project, add .streamlit/secrets.toml to your working directory. Your working directory is wherever you call streamlit run. If you haven't previously created the .streamlit directory, you will need to add it.

To define your configuration globally, you must first locate your global .streamlit directory. Streamlit adds this hidden directory to your OS user profile during installation. For MacOS/Linx, this will be ~/.streamlit/secrets.toml. For Windows, this will be %userprofile%/.streamlit/secrets.toml.

secrets.toml is a TOML file.


OpenAI_key = "your OpenAI key" whitelist = ["sally", "bob", "joe"] [database] user = "your username" password = "your password"

In your Streamlit app, the following values would be true:

st.secrets["OpenAI_key"] == "your OpenAI key" "sally" in st.secrets.whitelist st.secrets["database"]["user"] == "your username" st.secrets.database.password == "your password"

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