Display a link button element.

When clicked, a new tab will be opened to the specified URL. This will create a new session for the user if directed within the app.

Function signature[source]

st.link_button(label, url, *, help=None, type="secondary", disabled=False, use_container_width=False)


label (str)

A short label explaining to the user what this button is for. The label can optionally contain Markdown and supports the following elements: Bold, Italics, Strikethroughs, Inline Code, and Emojis.

This also supports:

  • Emoji shortcodes, such as :+1: and :sunglasses:. For a list of all supported codes, see https://share.streamlit.io/streamlit/emoji-shortcodes.
  • LaTeX expressions, by wrapping them in "$" or "$$" (the "$$" must be on their own lines). Supported LaTeX functions are listed at https://katex.org/docs/supported.html.
  • Colored text and background colors for text, using the syntax :color[text to be colored] and :color-background[text to be colored], respectively. color must be replaced with any of the following supported colors: blue, green, orange, red, violet, gray/grey, rainbow. For example, you can use :orange[your text here] or :blue-background[your text here].

Unsupported elements are unwrapped so only their children (text contents) render. Display unsupported elements as literal characters by backslash-escaping them. E.g. 1\. Not an ordered list.

url (str)

The url to be opened on user click

help (str)

An optional tooltip that gets displayed when the button is hovered over.

type ("secondary" or "primary")

An optional string that specifies the button type. Can be "primary" for a button with additional emphasis or "secondary" for a normal button. Defaults to "secondary".

disabled (bool)

An optional boolean, which disables the link button if set to True. The default is False.

use_container_width (bool)

An optional boolean, which makes the button stretch its width to match the parent container.


import streamlit as st

st.link_button("Go to gallery", "https://streamlit.io/gallery")

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